Thursday, August 30, 2007

Slow Progress on Everything

No FOs to show today, of course. I just have the very top of my first toe-up sock to finish. It should take like five minutes, I don't know why I'm not doing it right now. I wasn't entirely crazy about the pattern. I could do without P3tog on tiny needles. But this has been a good occasion to learn some new sock techniques. I did the short row toe, a short row toe-up heel flap with no picking up stitches, and the bind off is an elastic bind off. I don't know what the official name for the bind off is, but it's kind of like doing double knitting for four rounds first, then doing a kitchener stitch to bind off the top. I'm interested to see how it will turn out. I'm not sure how I feel about the Panda Cotton. My gauge is pretty tight so the fabric is pretty inflexible even on the lacey leg part. And it has the tendency to split quite a bit. I thought the bamboo and cotton would be good, because sometimes my feet get too sweaty in wool socks.

I've been getting two or three rows a night on my VLT shawl. The rows are just so long, each one takes forever! I'm still only on my first skein of yarn, and I need at least three of them!

I've been trying to be good about buying yarn, but I made a large purchase from WEBS the other day. It took me hours to figure out what to get. My uncle has just started going through chemotherapy so I wanted to make him something. I bought a ball of Rowan Calmer to make the Sirdar chemo cap from Knitty. I'll use a manly color, but hopefully it's not too girly with all the cables. I also joined a KAL for Brooklyn Tweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket. You can join up here:

I bought some Cascade Eco-Wool to make the blanket. No substitutions for me today. I hope that the fact it's not washable won't be a problem for my uncle. I can't wait for my yarn to get here so I can start. I also ordered some acrylic yarn in a bunch of colors to make the Pinwheel Sweater for my friend's baby. I hope the yarn isn't all nasty when it comes. It is The Leader from the WEBS Mill Ends yarns. Only $1.29 a ball! I was hoping for a blend, rather than 100% acrylic, but maybe this'll be okay. I always think washable is a good thing for babies.

Tonight I'm heading to a workshop to make crocheted hyperbolic planes. My crocheting skills aren't that great, but I should be able to handle it. Hopefully it won't be a problem that I don't have any stiff acrylic to bring to the table. I guess it's the best for making hyperbolic planes... It's at That Yarn Store in Eagle Rock. I almost never make it there because it's kind of far away from me. But I want to support them, and Jill is going so I'm tagging along. It should be fun, maybe I'll have pictures to show for it later. (ha!)

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